Short instructions for using the Battery Supply Adapter
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Especially at Christmas time, battery-powered light chains and the like are annoying because batteries have to be replaced regularly.


With the Battery Supply Adapter this finally comes to an end!


When using a Y-cable (also available in the shop) two light chains can be supplied from one power supply unit.

The type of heating thermostat shown here is usually supplied by two AA Mignon cells, which must be replaced or charged regularly in order to maintain their function. A failure during prolonged absence can be unpleasant, since the batteries usually run out of charge in the "hot" heating state (in order to regulate to "cold" again, the engine must use considerably more power). The result can then be tropical heat within one's own 4 walls.

As you can see in the picture, such a thermostat can easily be permanently supplied from the socket with the Battery Supply Adapter.


The extremely thin and flexible ribbon cable makes it possible that you do not have to modify your heating controller and thus damage it!


Only our adapter can do that!

The picture shows a carbon monoxide detector. Such detectors are often powered by AA cells and have the property of indicating a low battery charge by regular "beeping". If there are currently no replacement batteries or full replacement batteries in the house, such a detector can actually only be taken out of operation for a period of time - this could be exactly the time when it is urgently needed. With the AA battery power supply adapter such detectors can be operated reliably and permanently without having to worry about changing batteries.

The extremely thin and flexible cable makes it possible that the detector does not have to be modified and thus damaged - it can be mounted directly on the wall as intended!

Only our adapter can do that