Never change batteries again!

This battery replacement allows you to supply nearly any device, which is only powered by AA Mignon or AAA Micron batteries, permanently via a power supply unit instead. Save the money for regular battery changes or expensive rechargeable batteries, never again get annoyed about a failed device because the batteries are discharged at the wrong time. And the environment will thank you too.


Due to the extremely thin and flexible cable nearly all devices, which are supplied via 2 to 8 AA Mignon or AAA Micron cells, can be connected directly to a power supply unit without problems and without modifications.

There are almost endless applications, here are some examples:
- Durable and stable supply of electric heating thermostats
- Permanent supply of radio weather stations.
- Stationary children's toys, e.g. construction crane, keyboard,...

- fire detectors

A battery replacement (Battery Supply Adapter) with connection cable is required for each device. Simply place this replacement battery in the battery compartment that provides the best cable routing. All remaining battery compartments must be filled by a dummy battery. Additionally you need an adjustable power supply with a suitable connector.

The battery adapters are manufactured in Germany - not imported!

Here in the shop you will find everything you need - have a look!

Short instructions for using the Battery Supply Adapter
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